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Antique Rolls Royce Wedding Service , Prom Service, Anniversary

Antique Rolls Royce Wedding Service , Prom Service, Anniversary

Antique Rolls-Royce is much more than a brand or a name. It is somehow a legend created by the Rolls Royce Motor Cars group to help people explore the luxury side of their trip at anywhere in this world. To celebrate your anniversary, prom or wedding in the "Rolls-Royce" means your standard of celebration needs to be the highest. We would like you to use our antique Rolls-Royce for wedding or prom nights. Get up and have a smart ride in our antique Rolls Royce where the options of rear sunroof and division window are there to protect the passengers from injury.

Specific Features:

  • ♦ Comfortable seating
  • ♦ Powerful engine and transmission
  • ♦ Power brakes/windows
  • ♦ Air conditioning system
  • ♦ Power steering

Our 1937 Rolls Royce is fully equipped with:

  • ♦ Air conditioning & heat.
  • ♦ Stereo system and CD player.
  • ♦ Exterior color is Snow Pearl White, the interior wood is Carpathian burl, the rear door panels are covered with English tapestry and burgundy carpeting on the floor ..”the car is one of a kind”.

If you want to have a vintage feel while riding to your banquets, wedding, concert or ball dance party, book a Rolls Royce with us today!

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